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Friday, October 31, 2008

i don't understand

you bastard motherfuckr

you cunt faced bitch

you bhenchod haramzaday

you randi kanjri chootia

fuck you fuck the party i'm not going, you fucking asshole

you fucking bitch you think i'd go with you anywhere!?

two very pissed off people sitting in two different rooms, one awake with rage and fatigue for most of the night, and ill with lack of sleep the next day


what the hell are you wearing? i'm not going with you anywhere dressed like that!!

what are you fucking talking about!! i'm wearing SHALWAR KAMEEZ to a WORK DINNER you fucking moron. stop making excuses and get the fuck dressed we're late.

fuck you i'm not going.


she goes alone fuming


she's lying flat on the bed in her shaadi clothes staring at the ceiling.

a cousin walks in: ' z is asking why you're taking so long?'

she says: 'tell z to go to hell'

cousin gapes, mother in law gapes, mother freaks internally but calm outward. warning eyes falling unheedful on stubborn rebellious daughter

daughter goes with friends to wedding, selfish bastard stays at home


10:30 am: ring ring

my heart. my love. you need to be ready by 9:30 today do NOT be late pumpkin


12:30 pm: teet teet

just a reminder. 9:00 today. love!


3:28 pm : ring ring


what time will you be getting home my baby we'll need to be on time

you call me one more time i'm slashing your tyres tonight


you really need to leave my love? its cutting it close

(you *&@"!?,#$) its important baby just 10 minutes

745 pm

you're late! i told you you'll get stuck in traffic! how vould u hurry hurry hurry!

830 pm

they leave, her hair unstraight ironed and social anxiety ignored


1045 pm another day

she's trying on her 8th outfit



is it the pink or the white you annoying man

pink baby

the glass of disgusting scotch in his hand clinks a bit as he appraises the view

she makes an annoyed tsk decides to wear the white and slaps on some make up. aware they had to be there by 1030 pm.

she's just finished her eyes and is holding her lipstick when he come behind her to use the bathroom

she opens her mouth to make a guilty sniping comment before he starts the usual lecturing, when lips meet warm mouth

words muffle into her throat

they back into the cupboard lipstick falls to the floor and hands come up and enmesh into his collar

her consciousness reduces to one puddle of need

'whenever u're ready let me know i'll be in the living room'

And then 4 days later, he says he wants a divorce.