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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

shes's wearing a rizwan beg, traditional red for the mehndi, walking into this beautiful old song that belongs to the times of black & white tvs, elegant women with dupattas on heads and regal matriarchs who ruled with fists of iron over havelis. the decor theme is large, extravagant and beyond, new age maharaja's, combined with mogul architecture and imported flowers. she is surrounded by family, and clusters of friends, over-averagely stunning good looks associated with the rich & privileged. on stage stand the groom and his friends, he is regal in the deep cream white and rich red stole that signals the grooms side. as the girl and entourage walk in, dignified, solemn, girl looking down, held by brother. they reach the crux of the stage, a few steps away from the steps. startling everyone, he walks down, past the initial people. he meets her face to face under the dupatta. she looks up, eyes kohled against tradition. he holds out a hand. startled, her eyes fly to her parents, finding her father away from the crowd. then, without any hesitation, she holds out her own hand, the mehndi colored feligree meeting the cream white of the sherwani to the beautiful tune of chalte chalte. the friends let out a collective sigh. they walk up together to the stage, and sit down to hold court to their well wishers.