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Sunday, October 17, 2010


happy birthday

We walk into the sunset you and i

We don our wings, fly into the sun

As they melt and we fall into the ocean

Pegasus comes to rescue us

And takes us to the mount where fire is hidden

We kiss, silhouetted against the jewelled expanse of the country

And then on winged sandals race home to the fortress

Where our children grow and play

Gone are the days of adventure

Gone are the days we snuck around stealing food

Making love under the covers

Hands on mouths to keep from giggling

Shushing in secret

Gone are the days of foolish youth

where spending was more important than saving

where winged chariots set fire across the sky

having water fights between cars on main roads

crazed bystanders soaked by accident

gone are the days of internships

I am the hated dept head in a shitty nonprofit

you await your annual bonus

and make your subordinate slaves go through the terrible rites of passage

we kiss, silhouetted against our bed, familiar and kind hands

holding for comfort

each touch a reminder of the millions of other times

play acting

to regain the unfamiliarity

we fight about buying cars and mortgages

not about the rumour she heard from him and told me

or the rumour he heard from her and told you

we have grown up you and i

yet still remain children

nostalgic about our future